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With over forty years of combined experience, our heavy equipment appraisal adjusters are experts in the field. We handle tractors, trailers, cranes and excavating equipment. We write our own estimates and do our own research for proper parts, pricing and replacement units.

Many State Insurance Departments require insurance companies to set up special investigative units for suspected fraudulent claims. Gary C. Gable Professional Adjusters, Inc. is uniquely set up to conduct fraud investigations and handle your S.I.U. files.

Our S.I.U. team leader is a licensed private investigator. The backgrounds of our investigators include an officer of the United States Army Intelligence Corp. We also employ retired police investigators with extensive investigative training.

Our investigators know insurance company procedures, as well as how to do an investigation involving criminal activity. The combination of investigation, police and claims adjusting experience has proven to be an effective combination for investigating fraudulent claims.